"A delightful cemetery-and-western fusion that manages to combine the heaviest, pitch-black Goth tradition with rockabilly Americana."

--Doktor John | The Aquarian


Mark Sinnis is a music veteran born and raised in New York and living in Wilmington, North Carolina.

His sound is a dark blend of Rock, Country Americana and Alternative.

With a distinctive voice that has been acclaimed as a hybrid of vocal greats like Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison, Sinnis’s music incorporates dark undertones as well as traditional Country music with a contemporary modern edge.

 After 4 years in the U.S. Air Force Sinnis started his music career with his brother Francis Xavier on drums in 1988. Mark was the co-founder and singer/songwriter/ bassist of the Punk turned Gothic band Apostates.

Apostates was from Long Island and was also part of the New York City Punk/Goth scene. Apostates existed for 10 years from 1988 -1998 and released two full length albums and 2 singles.

In 1998 Sinnis was already living in New York City and after numerous line up changes ended Apostates and started Ninth House with his brother on drums.  Sinnis was the sole songwriter for the group. To date Mark’s band Ninth House has four full length albums.

Ninth House is not playing at this time.

In addition to Ninth House Mark Sinnis began playing solo acoustic in 2001.

In 2009 Sinnis left New York City for the mountains of Peekskill, New York where he resided until 2016.

Sinnis relocated to Wilmington North Carolina in 2016. 

In 2019 Mark recorded at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis Tennessee and released his Sun Sessions. Mark Sinnis recorded at Sun Studio for a second time in April 2021.

Mark released his third Sun recording  “Recorded Live From Sun Studio 8-25-2021” in January 2022.

On 8-25-23 Mark recorded at Sun Studio for a fourth time. He  recorded 10 songs with his band 825, 9 brand new originals.

Look for a new album soon!

All Mark Sinnis/Ninth House releases are available through itunes and numerous online streaming services.and numerous online services and streaming channels.


Mark Sinnis music biography to date:


1) Apostates ~ "Burning World Of Hate" - 7 inch/Released 1991

2) Apostates ~ "In Vain" - CD/Released 1993

3) Apostates ~ "Burn" - 7 inch/Released 1995

4) Apostates ~ "Ashtray" - CD/Released 1996

5) Ninth House ~ "Aerosol" - Digital/CD-EP Released 1998

6) Ninth House ~ "Swim In The Silence" – Digital/CD Released 2000

7) Ninth House ~ "The Eye That Refuses To Blink" – Digital/CD Released 2005

8) Ninth House ~ "Realize And It's Gone" – Digital/CD Released 2007

9) Mark Sinnis ~ "Into An Unhidden Future" – Digital/CD Released 2008

10) Mark Sinnis ~ "A Southern Tale" – Digital/CD Released 2009

11) Mark Sinnis ~ "The Night's Last Tomorrow" – Digital/CD Released 2010

12) Ninth House ~ "11 Cemetery & Western Classics" – Digital/CD Released 2010

13) Mark Sinnis ~ "The Undertaker In My Rearview Mirror" – Digital/CD Released 2011

14) Mark Sinnis ~ "Solitary Mark" - Digital/Released 2013

15) Mark Sinnis ~ "It's Been A Long Cold Hard Lonely Winter" – Digital/CD Released 2014

16) Mark Sinnis ~ "One Red Rose Among The Dying Leaves" – Digital/CD Released 2016 

17) Mark Sinnis & 825 ~ "Live" ~ 11-4-18" - Digital/Released 2019

18) Ninth House ~ "Live from CBGB" - Digital/Released 2019

19) Mark Sinnis & 825 ~ "The Sun Sessions" – Digital/CD Released 2019

20) Apostates ~”Anthology” – Digital/Released 2020

21) Mark Sinnis ~ “Live from Beale Street Barber Shop January 9, 2021 – Digital/Released 2021

22) Mark Sinnis ~ “Live From Beale Street Barber Shop” – Digital/Released 2021

23) Mark Sinnis & 825 ~ "The Sun Sessions 2" Digital/CD Released 2021

24) Mark Sinnis ~ “Recorded Live From Sun Studio 8-25-2021” Digital/CD Released 2022



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